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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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firearms. >> the fact that three weeks later in the same region, we have these many guns coming in suggests to us that there is a real demand for people in the community to have a way of disposing of these guns. and we are going to have to create more opportunities for it, not just in this region, but across the country. >> reporter: more than 50,000 in cash for the gun buyback came from a nonprofit called protect our children. which was started by two dads, following the sandy hook elementary school tragedy. police were able to buy back 11 handguns, 227 rifles or shotguns and 11 assault weapons. the next event at the santa clara county fairgrounds. nbc, bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you very much. police in oakland are looking for a gun that shot into an ac transit bus this morning. 12:30 at the intersection of
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55th avenue and international boulevard. investigators say half a dozen rounds hit the bus, breaking the back window. two passengers minor cuts. two other passengers hurt when the driver quickly hit the gas to get out of danger. police trying to figure out why the bus was targeted. two men seriously burned after an electrical glast blast at a warehouse in san jose. fire crews called into around 9:00 this morning. three men working on an electrical worker when it suddenly exploded causing the fire. >> individuals working on connecting an electrical panel, the main power source and some kind of arc happened. both individuals were severely burned, they actually caught on fire and had to retreat for safety. >> both men suffered burns to more than 30% of their bodies and are listed in critical condition tonight. new at 6:00, tragedy off the
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coast of monterey county. tonight two scuba divers are dead and investigators are working to figure out what went wrong. the man and woman, pulled from the water yesterday at point lobos reserve and rushed to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. mc hammer says his arrest this week was the result of racial profiling. a police officer arrested him on thursday at the hacienda crossing center. he was booked on charges, including resisting an officer. when a chubby elvis looking dude was tapping on my car window, i rolled down the window and he said are you on parole or probation? after that, the officer tried to pull him out of the car. hammer, most known for hits "you can't touch this" and "too legit to quit." another 49ers player in trouble for driving under the influence. al netter was arrested about
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3:00 in san jose. this is the fourth dui arrest for the 49ers since 2010. the team responded with the statement, we take these issues very seriously, but will reserve further comment at this time. as this is an ongoing legal matter. the organization will continue to gather the facts and monitor the developments closely. for the first time in years, an oakland man is spending his weekend a free man. an emotional reunion between 51-year-old ronald ross and his mother yesterday afternoon at her home in dublin. ross was released from jail after seven years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. it took a four-year investigation by a fran law firm, private investigator and the northern california innocence project to free ross who faced 25 to life for attempted murder. there are allegations that the oakland police department in charge not only did shoddy work, but told a witness to pick ross' picture out of lineup.
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but they are not dwelling on the loss, they are cherishing what's to come. >> god talked to me. i really saw angels. because he blessed me to be free again. >> he said it will be all right, mom. it is going to be all right. and it will be all right, because god let me live to see him get out. >> welch originally from louisiana, taking a much-needed vacation, four adult children live there. and a new library opened today, even though completed and ready go-to-go three years ago. hundreds came out for the ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon. 13 years ago, san jose voters approved a bond measure to build six new libraries, and expand 14 existing branches. this library built using bond money, but san jose officials say they didn't have the money to operate and maintain it, that is, until now. >> oh this is so exciting. we've been waiting so long in this community for the library and the gym to open, and yeah it's just a wonderful location.
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right between elementary schools and high school and, yeah, we are really excited. >> three other new libraries have been moth balled. and city leaders say there is not enough money to operate them. about 900 streetlights in knowledge were another victim of budget cuts. shut off four years ago to save money. but crews began to reconnect the lights. many on major corridors such as camden avenue, blossom hill road and tully road. the city council approved the plan to turn them back on and it should take three months to get all back on. > horrific crash has sent two dozen people to the hospital at dayto daytona. repairs under way on the track. plus -- >> yikes! the punch that started a major brawl at a college baseball game in sacramento. we'll show up. >> i'm jodi hernandez in san francisco, where the chinese new
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year's parade is slithering through the streets. a live report, coming up. and looking at dry streets in san francisco. cool out there, though. temperatures in the 50s. winds making it feel a little cooler than that. and on the horizon, we see any rain or snow? it doesn't look like we'll see much for the weekend, and we'll be surprised where temperatures are going in the seven-day forecast. a look at that, when we come right back. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking!
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there is a party going on right now in downtown san francisco. >> thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe a million people are there to take in the annual chinese new year's parade. tht's where we find jodi hernand hernandez. >> we're about an hour into the parade, and i tell you, there has not been a dull moment this crowd has been treated to drums, big n dignitaries and dragons, and it all started with a big bang. hundreds of fire crackers kicked off the year of the snake parade. it's a sight to behold since that moment as elaborately costumed folks slithered their way through the streets of san francisco. this has been taking place in
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the city for more than 100 years. the largest event of its kind outside of asia, and those lucky enough to attend are over the moon. >> it was awesome! it was awesome! this is exciting. i mean, this is one of the best things to do on a night like tonight, it's clear, cool, a lot of people around. you know, it's going to be a great parade. >> it is an unbelievably incredible family event. so much fun for all of us who get to ride in it. and it's a great way to kick off the year of the snake. >> reporter: some 5,000 people are participating in this parade. a lot of schools and youth groups are among those taking part. and if we can come back here live, you can see we're passing by market street at second street right now. it is an event that we are told will take place until about 8:00 tonight. the finale i'm told will include
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a 268-foot golden dragon and 60,000 fire crackers. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, enjoy. we'll see more tonight at 11:00. still to come at 6:00, a sunny day in the south bay. a live look over san jose tonight. you might be surprised to see what kind of temperatures are in the forecast. the latest on daytona beach. nascar drivers and fans are recovering from a terrifying final lap on the track today.
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we're following a developing story at the daytona international speedway. on the eve of the big race, daytona 500, a ten-car crash
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sent chunks of debris into the grandstands, seriously injuring two people. >> gaping hole in the fence and crews are busy making repairs to the track and the fence. nbc's francis coe has the latest. >> reporter: the final turn of the nation series 300. something sent the number 32 car driven by kyle larsen air bonn, careening into the catch bin designed to protect the crowd. debris from the car, including the tires and engine, flew into the grandstand. emergency medical personnel rushes to the stands, attending to multiple spectators. >> we transported 14 people off property and treated 14 people at our on-track car center. >> reporter: at least two remain in critical condition. larson's car left in pieces, the entire front end sheared off by
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the collision. all of the drivers involved in the jaw-dropping crash, including larson, walked away. >> seen a lot of big ones and part of a couple big ones, but never seen one of the things like that. i wish i didn't have a rear view myrrh, that was an ugly site. >> reporter: they worked through the evening to repair the catch bin and grandstand area. >> we're confident we'll be ready for tomorrow's event. >> reporter: in preparation for tomorrow's famed running of the 55th daytona 500. francis coe, nbc news. correctional officers visited the home where oscar pistorius was taken on his release on bail. is he not allowed to use drug or alcohol while he awaits to stand trial and he needs permission to leave pretoria. pistorius has to check in with police twice a week starting on monday. he may start training next week. at least 100,000 people expected to crowd st. peter's square to hear pope benedict's
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last sunday mass. crews preparing for the large crowd. 2,000 security cameras have been installed throughout rome, many focused on the vatican. civil defense volunteers, police officers and paramedics will be stationed in st. peter's square and streets leading to the vatican. pope benedict plans to retire on thursday and most of the church cardinals will gather to choose the next pope. this is the first time in 600 years that a pope has resigned from the position. with less than a week left, lawmakers on capitol hill are expressing pessimism toward the sequester. governors are calling on elected leader to avoid across the board cuts that could hurt the economy. if congress can't find middle grounds, the first things to slash are military and defense budgets. it is not looking good. a day away from the night of the oscars. >> technicians and crews spent the day preparing for the awards
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show. the red carpet in place in front of the dolby theater, full sized statuettes are standing guard. they will be hosted by seth macfarlane and daniel day-lewis won for best actor. i'm doing a little bit of a prediction i suppose. but i don't think i'm going out on a limb at all on that one. >> we'll see. we will see. >> he is going to win. >> we have our award winning meteorologist right now. >> i don't know about on that level. award winning weather in l.a. you might notice the wind picking up. high wind warning north of los angeles. some of those beautiful attire and fashion on the red carpet might get blown around. and breezy in the bay area. low 50s outside. chilly with winds out of
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west/northwest. out of san jose and gusty in the hill tops. that has helped to dry out the air. winds shut down tonight and we'll see a chance of 30s overnight. this after we started this morning with a little bit of light rain and that's the emphasis on a little. enough to wet the ground in san francisco, out toward the tri-valley and the south bay. after this, it looks like the rest of the month will be staying quite dry into the start of march, and you can see the reason why. here goes the system off to the east to the nevada and the four corners region. clearing to the west. high pressure sending the storm track way to the north. this is the story of 2013 so far. a semi permanent ridge of high pressure in the eastern pacific. keeping the storm track to the north it will continue to be the case as we go through the week. highs build back later in the week and builds up temperatures even more. the climate prediction center has put northern california in the bay area under a drought development watch as we go into now through may, so even if we
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see average rainfall, given the two wettest months of the year have been so dry, you can see how this is starting to add up in bay area northern california. we have to watch for possibly drought-like conditions as we get into spring. temperatures, 30s and low 40s. some of the places in the hills, winds will stay up. mid 40s for the morning and the afternoon. we'll see a few more 60s outside. low to mid 60s around san jose. so we should see at least five degrees of warming for tomorrow. mid 60s around pleasanton to san francisco. should get close to 60. mid 60s around santa rosa, and winds dry things out and warm things up. and next few days, not much change, a little warmer than we saw yesterday. less wind and the second half of the week. and temperatures start to warm on up, 60s and 70s. thursday into friday, and next weekend around this time. a few clouds and maybe a little light rain by next sunday. this time of the year, very dry, pleasant weather, lots of sunshine across the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, rob.
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we'll be back with a baseball brawl you won't want to miss.
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the college baseball season is barely under way and already a heck of a fight. >> absolutely. happened yesterday in sacramento. uc-riverside, opening a four-game weekend series. this after a base runner was tagged out who gave him a little bit of a shove. look at that. >> oh! >> the riverside player turned around and slugged the baseman in the jaw. and it cleared the bench. two riverside players and one sacramento player ejected from the game and will be suspended for four games under ncaa rules. >> the exact kind of -- there is henry. >> he got it too. looked open handed to me, henry. >> that was painful, though. that was painful. open handed or closesed. that's why i gave up baseball. no crying in baseball. i would be crying after that
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punch right there. hey, diane, terry, baseball is back. the a's and giants both finally playing against other major league teams. we have the highlights. we were there with the world champion giants after their contact cuss league opener, hear from sandoval and the rest of the game. it's all next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. a lot of batting practice, long
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talks, team pictures and other odds and ends are the easy parts of spring training. those days are gone as a's and giants are officially back to playing against other major league team. let's head out to the cactus state. giants opening up, spring training against the angels, and vogelsong the start. he induces the ground out. vogelsong two scoreless innings, and giants down one in the fourth. and run on the third, panda at the plate. pablo sandoval. rbi single to the right center, pagan. and then a double down the left fieldline. some people are complaining about panda's weight. looks good rounding third. giants win 4-1. and we caught up with the world series champ. >> if you are looking for a signature moment in a spring game it happened when pabo sandoval scored from first, which didn't look like a certainty. he got right about here.
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>> we carried that piano, but he stopped and played a song there between third and home. >> you know, i stepped on third base, the home plate was moving backward. >> just before the pablo prance, everything looked oh, so familiar. single, stolen base, advance the runner, knock them in giants playing regular-season brand of baseball in february. >> that's the way we play. that's how we owon it last year. >> every time, we take nobody out. i'll try to do my best to get to third base. >> reporter: playing regular season style, the focus two of guys who trade orange and black for red, white and blue. >> when you pitch to teammates, not just getting work in. it means something. >> hoping not have a whole lot of traffic. i definitely wanted a little bit to throw down the stretch. >> a whole lot of names you recognize from the angels lineup card. except the same fringe from the
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giants as the wbc get closer. reporting in scottsdale, nbc bay area. >> to the a's, cactus league opener, with the brewers, strikes out swinging with bases loaded. bottom first, ryan braun takes chavez deep for the solo home run. 1-0 brew crew and jamal weeks starting at second base. nice starting to the fourth history double play. brewers top the a's 2-1. over to some hoops now. and al visiting oregon state early second half. al up 11. tyron wallace drives to the rack for the jam. and throw it down like you mean it, young man. cal up 13. under 8 to play. and justin cobb with the slow, coast to coast with the easy deuce. the bears hold on got win.
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60-59 is your final. and st. mary's first half. jordan page will miss. but brad waldo. where is waldo? there he is, scoring the bucket? and matthew dell la ladova, and they win 74-66. sharks in action right now against the stars. ryan clough suspended due to a fight on friday, which he came off a bench. and we'll have updates tonight at 11:00. >> thank you very much. look forward to that. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. we'll see you back tonight at 11:00. >> until then, good night.
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tonight, "we investigate." >> is this acceptable? >> it absolutely is not acceptable. >> the investigative unit takes you undercover. exposing how silicon valley restaurant inspection system for your favorite dining spots keep health violations hidden, leaving customers hungry for information. >> i don't know what they would do. they have to think about that. >> the new home of the niners taking shape in the south bay. but could it cause problems for planes taking off from san jose's airport? we investigate the potential for crowded skies. mr. varicella. toney kobeleski. >> why is he not talking? the investigative unit asks where is the money? and why after our investigation, is he stepping down from a prominent advisory board. >> the airlines do not treat your animal any differently than they treat any other luggage. >> pets on planes.
6:29 pm
is it safe? our cameras go along for a flight with caleb in his crate and we break down the number of deaths, injuries, and pets that have gone missing in the care of airlines. those stories tonight. here is tony kobelesky. >> we get results for the bay area. we begin with an important public health issue. restaurant inspections. when we dine out,or minds are usually on the food, not on the kitchen. why restaurants are rated with points, alameda use colors and in l.a., they get letter grades. but in the valley, no scoring system exists. we used hidden cameras to discover restaurants violating state law. secrets to cook behind kitchen doors. >> ever been shut down?


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